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Terms of Service

Conservation Land Registry

Land Stewardship Centre of Canada (LSC) is pleased to provide the Conservation Land Registry (CLR) searchable database service. The following outlines the terms of service and conditions of release of information from the CLR. By using this service, CLR users agree to these terms of service.

1.0 Information contained within the CLR has been provided to LSC by our partner organizations, private landowners and source agencies.

2.0 Data updates are requested from partner agencies and entered into the CLR database by LSC on a regular basis.

3.0 By using the CLR service, CLR users (includes anyone who uses the service on behalf of the company or
organization registered as a CLR user) understand and accept that use of the CLR, and search reports generated from use of the CLR are subject to the following conditions:

3.1 LSC depends solely on the accuracy of the latest information, provided in electronic database files, from the source agencies contributing to the CLR. Consequently, LSC, its Board of Directors and its employees are released from any responsibility for and/or any errors and/or omissions with the data contained within the CLR.

3.2 LSC, its Board of Directors and employees shall not bear any responsibility for any losses or damages of any kind arising from use of or in respect to any absence, error or omission of data contained within the CLR.

3.3 CLR users are required to establish an account or otherwise register to access the CLR service. As a CLR user you agree to: (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the sign up form; (b) maintain and promptly update the Organization Information and Profile Information to keep it true, accurate, current and complete; and© agree to pay all fees, including applicable taxes, incurred in connection with your use of the CLR service.

3.4 The CLR is a pay-per-use service. Users using the service agree to pay invoices on time and maintain their accounts in good standing. Payment for services may be made by cheque, direct debit or secure, online credit card payment. Users who elect to pay outstanding invoices using the online credit card payment option will be charged a 2.98% convenience fee.

4.0 LSC covenants to keep users’ account and payment information, requests and resulting report(s) private and confidential. No details of users’ requests and/or resulting reports will be divulged to any other party, company or organization. No records or files of any kind are kept of CLR searches and reports beyond what is necessary for invoicing and confirming receipt of payment for services.